“When ideas and all forms of thought undergo digital "sequencing" ... the deep litany of sighs.”


“Where there is a monolithic beauty of absolute coldness that resides in the east of everything, there is a black-colored seashell darker than the void of space...”


“The richness of the flavors of the world, the elegance of the language, the subtle adjustments of our behavior, preserve us from a world not very inclined to delicacy.”


“The thickness of the trauma trails behind us, like a thick fog never letting go of its prey.”


“Calm and determined to bring serenity back to the intimate sphere of our mental and tormented ruminations.”


LA DISPARUE DE DEAUVILLE: A movie by Sophie Marceau
Victoria, a famous actress during her time, of striking beauty and aura, died thirty years ago in unsettling circumstances. She mysteriously reappears in the life of a solitary cop, Jacques, who investigates her disappearance, in the heart of Normandy...


HERMANOS: Choregraphy Cie Revolution
Reconciliation, forgiveness, and greatness of soul are difficult virtues to keep up… Are we all brothers?...


TRAUMA: Choregraphy Cie Kadia Faraux
“...last painting, last moments, a rape, a soul wounded for life. The most difficult, of course, is the suggestion of movement, or how to dare to transform into music the destruction of the other...”


LA BIENSEANCE: Choregraphy Cie Kadia Faraux
“...The order was difficult, as dealing with the world of Tartuffe through the Hip Hop danceand mixing in it the eastern origins of the choreographer, was a real challenge...”


“Real or electronic, eastern or western, never mind the trick, as long as it leads to an even farther somewhere…… over there, beyond the audible horizon...


Are men equal to women? Are women equal to men? Never mind, man, the predator of himself until its extinction...


“...At this moment of the show ‘ TETRIS’, we reach the duet of a man/woman who languorously dies after having held an intense team energy...”








French documentary composer of theme music Frank2Louise