Born in Saint-Denis (Seine St Denis, France) in 1966, Frank2Louise is a self-taught composer and choreographer of Franco-Spanish origin.
Since his emergence in the French choreographic scene in 1984 alongside the presenter Sydney for the cult tv show "Hip-Hop" breakdance on the TF1 channel, he focused his work and his researches on the “musicality of movement”, conveying the dance with the aim of investing the theatres, and since the beginning of the 90’s he carried out the transition of this popular music from the street to the scene to finally give this music the fame it deserves.
Then, thanks to the new technologies, he developed a way to compose the dance and the music at the same time through his plays, which had him earn recognition from the cultural institutions.
During this period, he moved up from DJ of the 80’s mixing funk / disco / hip hop, to electro beat maker / composer for dance companies sush as Aktuel Force, Kafig, Kadia Faraux, Mourad Merzouki, Revolution, Trafic de styles, Jessica Noita, Anthony Egea, Michel Onomo, Melting Spot, B.d.p.c David Llari...
Due to the experience of the live shows diversity he had to develop a richer, more elaborate music. This is how his eclectic musical universe led him to meet and collaborate with directors in the 2000’s, allowing him to give a new cinematic dimension to his compositions. His originality lies in the merger of different musical trends that he lived in during his childhood with new waves, sometimes mixing electronic groove with a more harmonic, more orchestral compositions.
He received several awards, including a Bayard d'or at the International Francophone Film Festival in Namur (Belgium), for the best film score "Itinéraire" by Christophe Otsenberger in 2005.
He also composed the music for a film nominated in 2016 for the Césars ceremony and at the Oscars in 2017 for the animated short film "Under your fingers" by Marie-Christine Courtés.


Dance remains for him the best way to express his musical texture.





French documentary composer of theme music Frank2Louise